Sherline Mills and Accessories


Sherline mills include the following as standard equipment: 90 VDC motor w/electronic speed control, hex adjustment keys, spindle bar and 48-page color instruction manual. Sherline mills operate on any incoming current from 100 to 240 VAC, 50-60 Hz without an external transformer.

Sherline mill with stepper motor mounts in place of the handwheels ready for the installation of NEMA 23 size stepper motors. (Stepper motors, drivers and software are not included.) Handwheels are included for use on the rear shaft of dual shaft stepper motors, but the stepper motors must be installed before manual control can be achieved. Machines equipped with stepper motor mounts are denoted by the machine or machine/accessory packages part number followed by the letters “CNC”.

$99 within 48 states. Additional bill may apply outside this area.

     P/N DESCRIPTION MSRP Web Price     
     2000-CNC     8-Direction vertical milling machine w/ 14" base, adjustable “zero” handwheels, P/N 1072 1/4" drill chuck and laser engraved scales (rulers) on base and table PLUS 3 stepper motor mounts ready for CNC control      $1250.00     $999.00