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Simpler Time Clocks specializes in clock repair of mechanical clocks in the Round Rock, Texas area, including the surrounding communities of Pflugerville, Georgetown, Hutto, Taylor, Cedar Park, and Austin. Since mechanical clocks need to be set up properly, we usually make house calls. Many parts are no longer produced for clocks that may be 100-200 years old, but we can make replacement parts on a small lathe or mill. Simpler Time Clocks is the only authorized dealer in Texas for USA produced Sherline tabletop lathes and mills.

I've always had a fascination with mechanical clocks. When I was growing up, my family had an old mantle clock that had been in the family for a couple generations. I loved to hear the clock's rythmic ticking and melodic chimes, and when it sometimes faltered, I would try to coax a little more life out of it before we had to take it to a clockmaker for service. Decades later, the clock is in my own home and after a couple of trips to a clockmaker and the apparent need for yet another repair, I decided to learn how to maintain the clock myself. By this time, I had accumulated three additional clocks, including one antique wall clock that no longer worked. I enjoyed servicing my own clocks so much that I started taking courses on clock repair and started repairing clocks for friends. I also started thinking about starting a business that could grow slowly until I retire from my full time job in a few years. In early 2006, I decided to take the plunge when I learned that my brother-in-law, a skilled custom cabinetmaker, was wanting to start his own business. He was excited about the prospect of building fine clock cabinets that I could fit out with quality movements. Thus, Simpler Time Clocks was born.

Simpler Time Clocks is totally a family business, with my artist daughter and I working on website and clock cabinet design, my wife advising and supporting us across a broad spectrum of business activities, her twin brother supplying us with hand-crafted clock cabinets, and our son supplying us with legal advice.

Check back with us as we improve this website and offer our own original clocks and other new and restored clocks. We appreciate any feedback and we'll be happy to answer any questions. If we don't know the answer to your question or if we can't repair your clock, we know people who can!

Mike Williams

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