Clock Repair

We service most clocks.
Service of a mechanical clock generally includes complete disassembly of the movement (aka "works"), thorough cleaning, inspection of parts, polishing/burnishing of all pivots, installing bushings where required (and they are required in almost every case), reassembly, lubrication, and testing for at least 7-10 days. New mainsprings are often required and will be installed if needed.
We will not "dunk" a complete movement in an ultrasonic cleaner under any conditions, and we strongly recommend avoiding any "service provider" who considers this to be an adequate cleaning! Rough estimates of cost are $150 for a time-only (one winding hole) clock, $225 for a standard time and strike clock (bongs on the hour, two winding holes or chains), and $350 for a standard chiming movement (plays a progressive melody on the quarter hour, has three winding holes or chains.
Service of a quartz (battery) clock generally requires replacement of the movement and generally ranges in cost from $50 to $150, depending on the movement (time-only, chiming, etc).
We do not work on electric clocks.

Thinking of repairing that old clock yourself? We'll be happy to guide you to some excellent resources to make sure that you know what is involved, what tools are required, and how to do the job right.
Mike Murray's website has some excellent information--I'd start here
Meadows and Passmore (UK) also has an excellent online book Repairing Your Own Clocks.
WARNING! This online book contains some amateur "techniques" that should only be used on your own inexpensive clock. These shortcuts are clearly described as undesirable, but possibly better than nothing or in lieu of throwing the clock away. In our opinion, if your clock has that little value to you, sell it on eBay or Craig's list. Do not ever pay somebody to perform these "services" on a treasured timepiece

For more information, please e-mail (Recommended), or phone (512)-788-5125.
NOTE: We can't always answer the phone immediately: You may need to leave a message.

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